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Herbal Hair Oil

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✓ Nourishes and strengthens hair roots
✓ Stimulates hair growth
✓ Restores damaged and dry hair
✓ Contains natural and herbal ingredients
✓ Non-sticky formulation without harmful chemicals
✓ Conditions the hair and prevents hair breakage
✓ Moisturises the scalp and promotes circulation to the roots

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Herbal Hair Oil is a natural and herbal hair oil that nourishes and strengthens the roots of the hair. It's a combination of natural, cold-pressed oils mixed with the strong hair regeneration active Redensyl, a plant-based ingredient that stimulates hair growth by acting on hair follicle embryos. It is made using natural plant extracts and green technologies. Traditional ingredients like Brahmi and Bhringraj are also included in the oil. If you like to oil your hair regularly, this is perfect for you. It is a non-sticky formulation made with all natural herb extracts without harmful chemicals.



  • Almond Oil - Almond oil softens hair, making your hair feel smoother to the touch. Using almond oil on your hair gives it a softer texture over time.
  • Olive Oil - Olive oil contains vitamins and essential fatty acids that reduce dryness and smooth hair cuticles.
  • Brahmi - When you apply Brahmi to your hair on a regular basis, it reduces dryness, itchiness, and flakiness. Thus, your hair starts to look healthy and nourished at all times. This small herb helps in reducing hair fall to a considerable amount and also boosts hair growth at the same time.
  • Hibiscus Oil Extract - Strengthens the roots and delays premature greying.
  • Bhringraj Oil Extract - Bhringraj oil increases blood circulation to the scalp and roots, which promotes hair growth. This oil activates the hair follicles, which enhances hair growth.
  • Coconut Oil - In addition to being good for your scalp, coconut oil also moisturizes your hair. Contains vitamins and essential fatty acids, reduces dryness, and smoothest hair cuticles.
  • Amla Oil - Rich in vitamin C, boosts volume and improves hair texture and appearance.
  • Redensyl - Redensyl results in quicker, stronger, and faster hair growth. Redensyl provides nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles and increases the blood flow to your scalp. Nourished hair follicles result in stronger hair strands. Redensyl ensures stronger and thicker hair without side effects.

By combining these ingredients in the Herbal Hair Oil, it provides a holistic approach to hair care that nourishes, strengthens, and promotes hair growth.


How to use

Take a generous quantity of the oil depending on your hair volume and length. Apply on your scalp, then massage well focusing on the roots. Start at the nape of your neck, moving to the crown and then the temple. Finally, work it through the length of your hair and leave it on for at least half an hour before shampooing. For better results, keep it on overnight. Do not keep your hair oiled for more than a day as it can attract dirt and grime to the roots and affect growth.

Why Use Our Herbal Hair Oil?

Our Herbal Hair Oil is a perfect solution for all your hair problems. It is enriched with natural, cold-pressed oils and herbal extracts that nourish and strengthen your hair from root to tip. Here are some reasons why you should use our Herbal Hair Oil:

  • Stimulate Hair Growth: Our oil contains Redensyl, a plant-based compound that works on the stem cells of the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. It is a blend of four natural compounds that work together to strengthen roots and follicles and enable new hair growth.
  • Traditional Ingredients: Our oil has traditional ingredients like Brahmi, Bhringraj, Amla and Hibiscus that moisturize the scalp, improve circulation to the roots, strengthen the strands, prevent hair breakage, condition the strands and stimulate new hair growth.
  • Nourishment: Our Herbal Hair Oil is best for nourishment. It smoothens and restores damaged and dry hair. With regular use, your hair will become strong, soft, and shiny.
  • Natural Ingredients: Our Herbal Hair Oil is made with all-natural herb extracts without harmful chemicals. It is a non-sticky formulation that does not weigh down your hair.
Overall, our Herbal Hair Oil is a natural and effective solution to all your hair problems. Regular use of our oil will leave your hair nourished, strong, and beautiful.


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