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Who is Qaadu?

Qaadu in south India means ‘forest’ and we are all about living green. As a beauty and wellness brand, we develop the best products using natural and pure ingredients. Our products are vegan and our formulas are based on herbal remedies. Our holistic approach to personal care and good health for the whole family shines through in all our products.

What makes us special

Qaadu has a unique and authentically green concept. All of our products are formulated with ingredients sourced from the deepest forests and specially planted, dedicated herbal gardens. Our products are based on traditional and time-tested formulations. They deliver visible results and it’s what our customers adore the most about them. Every herb, root or extract we use goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure their efficacy and your safety.

Qaadu's Green Promise To You

Qaadu products are sourced directly from the bounty of the Earth, so we ensure that Mother Nature is never harmed when we develop our products. That is our green promise to you. We also strive to ensure that we use only natural ingredients for beautiful, long-lasting results. We guarantee that our products contain no harmful chemicals and are sustainable, eco-friendly, and prepared with a passion for environmental conservation.